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Shark Tank CSA

How can your team create the next great business utilizing drones, robotics, or 3D printing? Your team must develop a new company that uses emerging technology to benefit society. Your team’s business development process involves three simple steps:

  1. Come up with a good idea
  2. Develop a business plan
  3. Present your plan to our CSA investors: Shark Tank CSA!

After agreeing on the idea, your team will create a business plan and investor presentation with the following components:

Business Plan

  • Business Idea / Business Article 
  • Company Overview, Mission & Vision
  • Ad Campaign, Logo, Slogan, Jingle
  • Budget, Expense Report, Funding Request
  • Google Slide-Deck for Investors


Grade-level teams will consist of three to four learners. Through a Google survey sent out last week, learners provided input on who they would like to work with. Each team will have a staff member serving as their Shark Tank Coach.  


The schedule below indicates the times each grade level is involved in the various class sessions for Shark Tank CSA. The class sessions for all grades are as follows:

  • General Session: In the hour-long General Session, grade-level teams will attend the session for their grade and learn about the various components of their business plan and how to prepare for the Shark Tank presentation. There will be some directed work time in the General Session.

  • Math: For the first three weeks of Shark Tank CSA, each grade level has two 30-minute math sessions, similar to the sessions learners participated in when CSA first went online. Learners who are doing a different level of math than their grade level will continue to work independently during their grade-level math time, as previously arranged with Ms. Pinnell. Ms. Pinnell will continue to hold “Office Hours” from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday during the first three weeks of Shark Tank CSA. Learners will continue to use the math session time to work on their Khan Academy assignments, improving their math knowledge and skills before the MAP Assessments May 11-12. After the MAP Assessments, there will not be any more math sessions. (Note: The May MAP Assessment will assist in determining where learners are as schedules are prepared for the 2020-21 school year.)

  • Work Time with Shark Tank Team: Shark Tank Teams will have scheduled time during the day to work together or independently on various parts of the project. One learner will be tasked with identifying how the team will “‘virtually connect” with one another to work on the project. This is independent work time for learners, providing them with the time and opportunity to build their independence, self-sufficiency, and accountability to the team. No CSA staff will be providing supervision during this time. It is independent work time built into the day for all learners and their Shark Tank Team.

  • Coaching Workshop: The last 30 minutes of the day are devoted to time where each Shark Tank Team can meet with their coach to review any questions that may have come up, clarify any of the instructions from the General Session, and check in on the progress the team has made throughout the day. Each coach will work with at least two teams.

Shark Tank CSA Schedule

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