School Closure & Delayed Schedule

In the event of a weather delay or closure, parents will be notified via SchoolMint text. We also will post the notification on our school website, Facebook, and notify the news media (channels 2, 4, 7, 9, and 31).

When school is closed

  • Before- and after-school care programs are cancelled.
  • All activities scheduled in district facilities are cancelled.
  • In-district sports events are postponed.

When school is on a delayed start

  • School start time is delayed 90 minutes to 9:30 AM.
  • Dismissal times will be the same as usual, 3:30 PM.
  • Staff will be present at 7:00 AM for the convenience of our families who need to drop off their learners early. Learners arriving between 7:00 AM and 9:20 AM should check in at the Main Office upon their arrival on delayed start days.
  • Learners who arrive after 9:30 AM should come to the Main Office with their parent/guardian to check them in as an excused tardy.

Early Dismissal

If serious storm conditions or other emergency situations develop during the day, the school will monitor the situation and advise our families and Cherry Creek School District as soon as possible of a decision to dismiss school early. When this decision is made, the information will be posted on the school website, by text message to families, and to the news media as soon as possible.

Late Dismissal

In case of dangerous weather warnings or other dangerous conditions, the school may for safety reasons hold learners past their dismissal time. This information will be posted on the school website, by text message to families, and to the news media as soon as possible.


Parents are urged to make contingency plans for their child(ren) in the event of an emergency. Arrangements should be made for the child(ren) to go to a neighbor’s house, or to have access to the home with directions for contacting a parent.

We understand that some parents may make a different decision for their families. If you feel the weather is too severe to send your child to school, please call the Main Office and let us know your child will be staying home. You can also submit the absence online. The absence will be excused.

We are committed to making the best possible decisions when it comes to closures and delays, and taking every measure to ensure the safety of our CSA community. Our #1 priority is making sure that everyone is able to make it to school safely, and this goal steers every step of our process.