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Part of what makes a school amazing is the involvement of families. Here are some ways to stay up-to-date with opportunities to get involved.

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Colorado SKIES Academy’s mission is to ensure our learners have the best educational experiences possible. We provide a hands-on curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, field trips, art materials, and many inspiring learning opportunities not funded by the state. All of this is made possible through the coordinated efforts of staff and volunteers from our supportive learning community and through fundraising initiatives such as an annual giving campaign, community sponsorships, and special events.

 Colorado  SKIES Academy is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to Colorado SKIES Academy are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

 Thank you for your support and confidence in Colorado SKIES Academy. Together we are creating something extraordinary!

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Annual Family Giving

 Annual Family Giving is a tradition at many charter schools. As a charter school, Colorado SKIES Academy receives less per-child funding from the state than a traditional school would get. In addition to reduced funding, Colorado SKIES Academy directly pays for all buildings rather than being supported by a school district. 

The Annual Family Giving Campaign donations benefit every learner by providing playground equipment, hands-on curricula, state-of-the-art technology, art materials, professional development, and day-to-day operating expenses that are not funded by the state of Colorado. 

The Annual Family Giving Campaign is essential to strengthening your child’s school and demonstrating our collective commitment to Colorado SKIES Academy. While family giving is voluntary, our school expenses are mandatory, and no financial gift is too small. 

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Profits from the CSA Spirit go to support Colorado SKIES Academy! Click here to show your school pride and support CSA!

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Support Drone Soccer

Support CSA Drone Soccer pilots learn to build, program, fly, and repair high-performance drones.




Colorado SKIES Academy seeks to make education a community passion. To this end, parent participation is essential to the success of the education process. We request that parents participate in the school’s operations as an integral part of the support team with the charter staff in developing and successfully completing the individual learning plan for your child.

Our charter requests a suggested time commitment of 3 hours per month or 30 hours per family per academic year (15 per single-parent family). Not all volunteer activities require a background check. 

We understand that not all families can donate their time but want to contribute to the school monetarily. Many families have asked if they can donate their volunteer hours. Our donation policy is suggested that every $20 presented equates to one hour of volunteer time. 

*Important Note: The law states that you cannot deduct the value of your time. The IRS does not allow a charitable deduction for volunteering your services. By IRS definition, charitable contributions represent gifts given without reciprocity.  Please remember that if you select this option, you cannot claim this donation on your taxes at the end of the year.

Parents shall log all hours using the School Check-In system provided in the CSA Main Office used upon entry to the school. Parents, Grandparents, or Legal Guardians may earn volunteer hours for the following activities:

  • Volunteering in the classroom
  • Volunteering with individual/groups of children (please do not bring younger children with you)
  • Volunteering in school-sponsored events 
  • Volunteering in the Watchdog program
  • Volunteering with take-home work for facilitators 
  • Volunteering with any elective facilitators 
  • Volunteering in the lunchroom 
  • Volunteering with community outreach at local events (Boothing)
  • Volunteering as Chaperones on CSA-approved field/grade trips
  • Carpooling team members to a CSA event (must be other learners in addition to your child) 
  • Volunteering with the PAC
  • Volunteering with traffic (Drop off and pick up) 
  • Volunteering on Board Committees (parents/legal guardians only) 

Parents, Legal Guardians, Grandparents, and Family Members (over middle school age – 7th or 8th grade) may gain volunteer hours for the following activities: 

  • Volunteering on school grounds (playground clean up, etc.) during off-school hours 
  • Volunteer on summer building work 

NOTE: All volunteers working with children must have a current background check. A background check is required only once and can be obtained at various locations. Please see the Main Office for more information and the forms needed if you volunteer in this capacity. 

All families shall sign a confidentiality agreement before completing privacy-sensitive volunteer work (grading). 

Donating your volunteer hours to another family is not permitted. Volunteer hours may be earned for the current school year within the effective dates of July 1st through June 30th of each year. CSA-based extra-curricular activities (i.e., Civil Air Patrol, etc.) conducted with the consent of the School Director but not a part of the CSA curriculum may be logged as volunteer hours. We request that any family with circumstances prohibiting their ability to perform volunteer hours contact the School Director. Any completed over thirty hours are noted and greatly appreciated by the facilitators and staff. Volunteer hours are often included in grant application criteria. We are proud of our commitment to volunteering and all our great volunteers.