CSA Drone Soccer Club

We are excited to announce CSA Drone Soccer Club for Q1 2022 which will take place from 3:45 to 5:45 pm on Mondays – starting Monday, August 22. CSA’s Drone Soccer Club is appropriate for learners at any experience level.

Please note that this activity will end at 5:45 pm, not 4:45 pm, and will take place on CSA’s campus, not at Exploration of Flight.

Cost: 2 punches per Drone Soccer session x 7 sessions = 14 punches for Q1 (Monday, Aug. 22-Monday, Oct. 10).

When calculating the number of WorldOver punches you wish to purchase, please only purchase enough punches for the current quarter of Drone Soccer, as we are considering offering this activity as a team sport in future quarters.

CSA’s Drone Soccer Club will be led by our new Makery Facilitator Mr. Mike McVey, with the help of our CSA Drone Soccer Summer Camp Coaches Mike and Cynthia Medina, and our experienced Drone Soccer CSA Learners.

About Drone Soccer:
Drone Soccer is a thrilling indoor team sport played with radio controlled quadcopters in protective exoskeletons designed for collisions. Five player teams face off in a netted arena where they ram and block the opposing team to prevent them from scoring. But before pilots can compete they must first learn to build, program, fly, and repair high-performance drones, learning engineering skills towards exciting careers in aviation. Learn more at United States Drone Soccer.

No drone purchase is necessary:
CSA has provided 12 soccer drones for our club. However, if you are interested in purchasing your learner(s) their own personal drone(s), please complete this interest form for a group order through CSA. Drone kits are currently approximately $600 per kit. Details are available at the top of the interest form.

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