Student Fees




CSA Board implements learner fees to offset costs associated with consumable supplies retained by the learner; textbooks, one to one computing devices, registration fees, tests, and supplies for special projects; field trips; materials/use fees for STEM. In addition, user fees for computer programs , athletic sports, outdoor labs, and technology.

These fees are waivable for learners who qualify for free or reduced lunch and are verified as homeless, unaccompanied, and/or foster children. In addition, waivers of certain fees are granted for learners with individual education plans (IEP) when the service or program is written in as a related service on their IEP.

CSA may require learners not eligible for free or reduced lunch to make a reasonable loss or damage payment to cover equipment, textbooks and technology repairs, in accordance with law.

CSA Families may select payment options by paying quarterly installments or pay in full. Fee payments can be made electronically here.

Colorado SKIES Academy Learner Fees for 2023 – 2024 School Year:

$200.00 – Individual Learner Grades 6-8
$200.00 – for 1st Learner 2nd Learner $100 = $300.00 per family
$200.00 – for 1st Learner, 2nd Learner $100, 3rd Learner $100 = $400.00 per Family