Drop-off & Pickup Information

Morning drop-off begins at 7:30 AM, and dismissal begins at 3:30 PM each Monday through Thursday (1:15 PM each Friday).

CSA map

In order to avoid traffic backups on County Line, please use the map above to drop off and pick up students during car line.

  • Entry: From E. County Line Road, turn North onto S. Warren Court and then East (right) on Isbill Drive. Drive past the entrance to the Wings Over the Rockies parking lot and turn left into the CSA driveway. Drive around the circle to the front of the building to drop off or pick up your learner(s).
    • Cars may enter the CSA parking lot at 3:15 PM Monday – Thursday and 1:00 PM Friday
    • If you arrive early for pick up, please line up on Isbill just before the CSA parking lot entrance until the above times
  • Exit: from the CSA parking lot, turn right on Isbill and then left onto Warren Court.

During afternoon dismissal, please have your carpool number(s) displayed in your front window on the driver side. This will enable us to get the correct students outside quickly (as long as they’re paying attention in class!).