Enrollment Policy

Colorado SKIES Academy is a tuition-free public charter school for grades 6, 7, and 8, the newest charter school of Cherry Creek School District. CSA is committed to the premise that its school population will represent the educational community of the Cherry Creek School District in terms of gender, ethnicity, and economic status. The educational program of Colorado SKIES Academy will be nonreligious and nonsectarian. Admitted students may continue their enrollment from year to year.

Colorado SKIES Academy follows all state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination. Colorado SKIES Academy will not discriminate in its enrollment on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, need for special education services or need for English language support services. Colorado SKIES Academy will comply with all applicable, approved policies and regulations and the requirements of federal and state law concerning the education of children with disabilities. No student will be denied admission because of academic performance. Please see “Successful Student Characteristics” on our website for further details.

Currently Enrolled Students

December 1 – 31: Each year, current Colorado SKIES Academy students will submit an “Intent to Return” for the following school year during the month of December. This will reserve their enrollment in the next grade level. Current students who miss the December 31 deadline for re-enrollment and cannot justify having missed the deadline will be placed in the lottery as though they were a new student. Based on current student re-enrollment, the school will determine how many open slots it has per grade level.

New/Prospective Students

“Intent to Enroll – Waitlist”: The date on which Colorado SKIES Academy receives your completed “Intent to Enroll” places your student on the appropriate waitlist, based on priority status, of prospective students. Names are placed on the waitlist according to the following:

  1. Priority status (see below)
  2. Date of “Intent to Enroll”

A single waitlist is maintained for each grade level based on the priority list and date of the “Intent to Enroll.” Please complete an “Intent to Enroll” for each child you are enrolling at CSA. Be ready to complete the Enrollment Application during the open enrollment period from January 15 – January 31.

January 15-31: The open enrollment period for new/prospective Colorado SKIES Academy students is held. The Enrollment Application for new students who will be attending the school for the coming school year are completed online during this time frame. If a student completed an “Intent to Enroll” prior to January 15, the date of the Intent to Enroll is used to determine the date within the priority status. Open Enrollment is open to any student who resides within the state of Colorado and subject to Colorado SKIES Academy’s total enrollment limitations.

February 10: On or before February 10 of each year, Colorado SKIES Academy will first enroll learners with priority status in each grade level, and then by enrollment date, and notify families. Then, the school will determine the number of open slots in each grade level.

Priority Status: Priority status for enrollment is given to the following:

  • Current students re-enrolling.
  • Siblings of currently enrolled students.
  • Children of past/current board and staff members (referred to as the “founding family”) both full-time and part-time. This will occur on a first-come, first-served basis, up to 20% of total enrollment. For purposes of this policy a “staff member” is any individual formally employed by Colorado SKIES Academy who receives(d) an IRS Form W-2 from Colorado SKIES Academy.
  • In-district students who reside in Cherry Creek School District boundaries.
  • Out-of-district students.

If a grade level is overenrolled, Colorado SKIES Academy will use a random selection lottery and then a waiting list format for enrollment of all students who do not have priority status.

Lottery and Enrollment Process

Lottery on February 11: A lottery will be conducted to determine the order of enrollment for students in the next school year for any grade level that is oversubscribed. Each student who applied to be included during the open enrollment period will be added in rank order to the list created by the lottery. The list will be grouped based on priority, namely:

  • In-district students will always be placed higher on the list.
  • Out-of-district students.
  • After the 2020-21 school year when a waiting list can be generated, the lottery list created each year will be added to the end of existing wait list from the previous year. (Note: In-district students will always be placed higher on the list than out of district students.)
  • Open slots in each grade level will be filled in the order in which a student’s name is on the list, maintaining the rank order generated by each year’s lottery for each group.
  • Parents or guardians of students selected for enrollment will be notified of their student(s)’s selection by phone and email (if provided by parent/guardian) and will be given 72 hours from the date of notification to confirm their continued interest in enrolling their student(s) in Colorado SKIES Academy.
  • If the parent/guardian declines enrollment or fails to respond within the 72 hours, the next student on the list will be notified, until full enrollment is reached in that grade level.
  • Once full enrollment is reached in each grade level, the lottery list will be converted into a waiting list or added to the existing waitlist. Families new to Colorado SKIES Academy who are still on the waitlist will receive notification of their status with updates if their status changes.

Enrollment Process after Lottery: Once a student is notified of their selection for enrollment, but prior to being officially enrolled, a registration packet must be submitted.

  • Submit a complete registration packet online (Enrollment Application) within five (5) business days of being notified of selection.
  • If a student fails to submit a complete registration packet within five business days of being notified of selection, Colorado SKIES Academy may move the student to the end of the waitlist and notify the next student from the waitlist for that slot.
  • Depending on any changing requirements, the registration packet consists of items such as the following:
    • Admission Form
    • Student Information Form
    • Documentation of Age (i.e. copy of birth certificate, etc.)
    • Documentation of Last Grade Completed (i.e. copy of last report card)
    • Copy of Immunization Record
    • Information Regarding IEP/504/GT or other educational plans**
    • Language Survey
    • Photography/Video Permission
    • General Field Trip Permission
    • Other documents as required by Cherry Creek School District or the State of Colorado

Colorado SKIES Academy reserves the right to grant an extension to the deadline to complete the registration packet.

**Enrollment of learners with educational plans or others special education needs who are selected by the lottery will be done in accordance with Colorado SKIES Academy’s charter contract and applicable state and federal laws.

Enrollment for any open slot or for a spot on the waitlist will be accepted through the first few days in October. After the lottery is completed, interested students will be added to the end of the waitlist in the order that they complete an enrollment form, except in-district students will always be placed before out-of-district students on the waitlist.

Students who remain on the waitlist after all slots have been filled will be carried over to the next year, remaining in the same order on the waitlist.

Delay/Omission of Completing Registration: If any student does not show up or fails to complete the registration packet prior to the first day of school, Colorado SKIES Academy will make an effort to contact the family to understand their intentions. If after two days the student still has not shown up for school, there is no communication from the family, or the registration packet is still incomplete, the slot may be offered to the next student on the waitlist, continuing this process until the slot is filled or the waitlist is exhausted.

Other Enrollment Policies

New students will be assessed the first week of school for placement in reading and math groups. Current students will be assessed at the end of the prior school year for the same purpose. The registrar follows the procedures used by Cherry Creek School District Schools for the transfer of student records to and from Colorado SKIES Academy. Students who exit Colorado SKIES Academy before the end of the school year are required to complete the Withdrawal Form and take care of any outstanding debts before records will be released by CSA. For students transferring in or out of CSA, student records will go through CSA’s Main Office first before being sent to the receiving school or district.