Quarter 2 Learners of Merit

Congratulations to these CSA learners for being honored with a Learner of Merit award for Quarter 2!

Silent Scholar – works diligently, stays focused and on task, and excels at school even when it’s challenging. This person is willing to fight for what they desire and go beyond their comfort zone to seek out resources and solutions others would never try to find. There is one learner per grade awarded.

  • 6th grade: Owen Cunningham
  • 7th grade: Lindsey Wilhelm
  • 8th grade: Dalik Gorman

Leader – takes the lead when appropriate, guides learners to follow expectations, and leads by doing. This is a person with integrity, self-awareness, flexibility to adapt to unique or challenging circumstances, influence, empathy, courage, and respect. There is one learner awarded across all grade levels.

  • Alainya Kronser

Academian – completes work with excellence, does well, and earns high grades. Characteristics of an academian are a genuine sense of curiosity and wonder, thirst for discovery, tenacity, and open-mindedness to different value systems and cultural norms. At the qualifications level, critical thinking, knowledge management, ability to decompose and synthesize, draw lines, and relate content to context. One learner per grade is awarded.

  • 6th grade: Sanare Karuru
  • 7th grade: Lindsey Wilhelm
  • 8th grade: Ryder Williams

Helping Hands – willing to help out at any time, no matter the situation; someone with Helping Hands is ​​compassionate, joyful, caring, possessing a deep sense of community. One learner is awarded across all grade levels.

  • Kaeden Burton

Tolerance Ambassador – patience with all humans regardless of their differences, forgiving of others’ mistakes (even if they happen over and over), listening carefully, and treating others with dignity and respect. This person also influences others to be more tolerant through actions or respectful words. The award is given to one learner per grade.

  • 6th grade: Owen Cunningham
  • 7th grade: Rickey Butcher
  • 8th grade: Brooklyn Parr

Mr. Roy, our Facilities Director, also recognized Rickey Butcher with a CSA swag bag for always helping him around the building, always being kind, and always being a bright light in Mr. Roy’s day.

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