CMAS Testing Information

It’s time for our learners to demonstrate their growth and achievement for the year by taking the yearly Colorado Measures of Academic Success tests! Specific information about the testing schedule and the importance of the test itself is included below. If you decide to exempt your student from state testing, please log in to your parent portal and click on the “State Assessment Exemption” tile. You may exempt your learner from all testing or just certain subjects. Please note that students who are exempted should stay home from school on testing days.

Testing Schedule

Please note that on testing days there will be no academic classes. If you decide to exempt your learner from testing, keep them home as we will not have adequate staff to engage non-testing students in order to speed up the testing process. If a learner who has not been exempted from testing misses a session, they will be pulled from classes between April 6 and April 14 to complete any missed sessions. 

Date Tests Grades
Monday, April 3  One ELA test before lunch and one after 6, 7, 8
Tuesday, April 4  One ELA test before lunch, one Math test after  6, 7, 8
Wednesday, April 5  One Math test before lunch and one after 6, 7, 8
Monday, April 10  Two Science tests before lunch and one after  8th only – may be picked up as soon as their testing group is finished (between 1:45 and 2:30 pm)

Volunteer Help Needed!

Our School Accountability Committee is hoping to make state testing a little more fun by providing snacks and overseeing fun, hands-on activities between testing sessions. In order to accomplish this, we need your help! Watch for a Signup Genius coming soon with opportunities to sign up for the items/tasks below. Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Donating activity supplies
  • Donating snacks
  • Helping to facilitate fun activities

Purpose and Value of State Assessments

CMAS and PSAT/SAT are the only common assessments for Colorado students that measure real-world skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. The assessments are aligned to the college and career readiness standards that are taught in our classrooms, and teachers do not have to “teach to the test.” Instead, good instruction based on the standards will be the best preparation for students.

In the Cherry Creek School District, results from the state assessments are combined with local assessments and other student information to create a full picture of your student’s learning experience in our schools. This helps parents and educators answer important questions such as:

  • Did your student meet the expectations at their grade level to be on track for the next level of learning?
  • Does your student need additional services and/or support?
  • How well did your student perform compared to other students across the state?
  • How well did your school do overall in meeting performance and growth goals throughout the year?

To ensure your student has the best experience on test day, please make sure your student is well-rested and has a good breakfast.

For more information about state testing in Colorado, click HERE.


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