“The emphasis on music is just as strong as the devotion to the STEM curriculum.”

Maureen K.

CSA Parent

“So happy for my kid to be part of this school!”

Claudia F.

CSA Parent

“I love CSA because I can learn about airplanes, spaceships, and flight.”

Eliza B.

CSA Learner

“The staff is wonderful. Brand-new building. My child loves school.”

Teresa B. H.

CSA Parent

“Thank you for all the hard work and commitment to make our kids strong and confident.” 

Silvia I.

CSA Parent

“I love this school. My son has never been excited about school. Now he is trying to push me out the door so we can arrive sooner.”

Cassi M.

CSA Parent

“SKIES is an awesome school! I like how everything that we learn is tied to a quarterly project. The location is also AMAZING!”

Brooks G.

CSA Learner

“I appreciate all the hard work you have done to make the kids safe and feel welcomed.”

Jessica L.

CSA Parent

“People with great heart, passion and devotion to craft, students, and families. I am so proud to be a part of CSA.”

Mary M.

CSA Facilitator

“Our kids will be ready to conquer the world and know how to do it…. Thank you, CSA!”

Christa C.

CSA Parent & Board Member

“Learning about aerospace is a ‘hands-on, minds-on’ challenge for students.”

Thom Markham, PhD

CSA Supporter, PBL Global Founder

“I am truly grateful to have a school that is forward-thinking.” 

Chris W.

CSA Parent & Former Board Member

“I know I made the right decision in my children’s education when they genuinely enjoy going to school.”

Riva C.

CSA Parent

“The dedication the CSA staff and facilitators have to the success of our children is priceless! We appreciate you!”

Jenny J.

CSA Parent & Board Member