Summer 2023 Athletic Development Invitation

Message from Coach Shane Cronin:

I am writing to invite you to join us this summer for the SKIES Athletic Development @ Evolve Performance. Athletes of all sports will benefit from our athletic development and sports performance training. Results are guaranteed or your training fees will be reimbursed.

Our athletic development training includes balanced multi-lateral training of the five biomotor abilities (Speed, Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, and Skill-Coordination).

If your learner has outside sporting or athletic activities to participate in, training can be modified to lower volumes and they will still benefit from the nervous system stimuli. In 2019, I was the strength and conditioning coach for a Minor League Professional Football organization where biomotor training was done prior to the practices themselves and served as a great warm-up to support dynamic flexibility, neural priming, and neuro-mechanics training.  Additionally, the biomotor adaptations serve as a pre-routine extension of daily practices. It just so happens teams such as TCU Football have employed biomotor training in their programs and had great success in 2023.

Learners are welcome to invite friends.

Best Wishes, and see you this summer! FAMILY!!!


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