Soar Up! Gliders Project

Soar Up! Glider flights happened May 16th and 17th at Mile High Gliding in Boulder, CO. Learners spent the latter part of the school year completing their Soar Up! Gliders Project, where they learned about the center of gravity, weight, and balance, the Pythagorean theorem, Bernoulli’s principle, and more. They used the Engineering Design Process to create balsa wood glider prototypes and test their designs using an egg pilot. All of this hands-on development and learning culminated in our learners getting to experience the forces of flight with a certified flight instructor in a glider!

Two images of CSA gliders planes in a large open field

white and red glider plane in a large, open field

CSA is grateful for our partnership with Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, which generously donated the cost of the glider flights to our 8th-grade learners.

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