Monday Message - May 3, 2021 - Colorado Skies Academy

Monday message 05.03.2021

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Greetings, Colorado SKIES Academy families,

We had a really busy week with a lot of visitors in the building. CSA hosted a Star Search for prospective facilitators for next year, which is exciting as we continue to grow as a school.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Color Fun Run and all who supported us in raising money for the school.

Also I want to thank Wings and Branden Jewett for allowing us to tour the DC3 plane over at Wings!

Finally, thanks to everyone who participated in Spirit Week. The learners and facilitators had a lot of fun!

Here is what’s coming up next at CSA.

Staff Appreciation Week

It’s Staff Appreciation Week! Please help us share our appreciation for all the facilitators in the building!

  • Monday: Please bring flowers and/or notes for the staff members.
  • Tuesday: Please bring the staff members their favorite drinks.
  • Wednesday: Please bring the staff members their favorite snack.
  • Thursday: Please bring the staff members their favorite sweet treat.
  • Friday: Lunch will be provided for the staff.

The staff members have filled out their favorites, and these will be posted on the Facebook page.

MaryAnn Moseneder, a CSA parent, is coordinating this week. If you would like to help with breakfast, lunch, flower arranging, or anything else, please call MaryAnn at 303-968-7763. Thanks for helping out with Staff Appreciation Week!

CSA Parent Survey

Parents and guardians, please fill out our school survey created by our School Accountability Committee. Your feedback is valuable for the administration and the governing board as we continuously work to improve our school. If we can get 80% of the parents and learners to complete this survey, we will give everyone a Krispy Kreme donut! Click here to take the survey.

Presentation of Learning

Our final Presentation of Learning will take place on May 14.

MAP Testing

Final spring MAP testing starts May 17.

Thank you,

Joshua Rau
Colorado SKIES Academy Interim Director

Colorado SKIES Academy learners present

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