Monday Message - April 5, 2021 - Colorado Skies Academy

Monday message 04.05.2021

Colorado Skies Academy Learners

Colorado Skies Academy Building

A Message from the Transition Administrator

Thank you for the warm welcome to Colorado SKIES Academy. On behalf of Maker Learning Network, it is a pleasure to serve you as the Transition Administrator. Maker Learning Network has an outstanding reputation as they partner with organizations across…

Colorado Skies Academy DreamUp to Space

Register for the Next Virtual DreamUp to Space Mission!

Registration is open for CSA learners to join the next DreamUp to Space Mission! CSA learners, you are invited to come learn how to participate in iLEAD Student Aerospace Projects’ upcoming DreamUp to Space Mission! Join the info meeting on…

Colorado SKIES Academy

Colorado SKIES Academy Culture: Components of Social-Emotional Learning — Self-Control

By definition, social-emotional learning (SEL) helps kids tap into their emotions and how they affect what they do. So it should follow that an essential component of SEL is an understanding of self-control, or self-management. As defined by the Collaborative…

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