Monday Message - April 22, 2019 - Colorado Skies Academy

Monday message 04.22.2019


My name is Brianna Jones, but kids just call me, “Ms. Bri.”

I am the new Enrollment Specialist and Community Engagement at Colorado SKIES Academy. I am here to help you get settled in for this amazing experience. Consider me the “Happiness Coordinator” at CSA.

“What is it about Colorado SKIES Academy that attracted me to pursue working there?” I loved that the team made me feel like family, and I am excited to watch this school grow into a strong community that feels like family for everybody! I love to talk and planning events!

“What would learners be surprised to know about me?” 1. I love watching my kids play baseball! 2. I really don’t like the snow because then I can’t wear flip flops!

I have 4 children: twin boys Carson and Carter, Easton who is 6, and Paisley who is almost 2! I met my husband Cody when we were in 3rd grade!

Want to connect? Email me anytime!

Bri Jones
Enrollment Specialist, Community Engagement and “Happiness Coordinator”

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