Monday Message - April 11, 2022 - Colorado Skies Academy

Monday message 04.11.2022

Learner Led Conferences Colorado Skies Academy

Director’s Message

Dear CSA Families,

We cannot wait to invite you to join us for Learner-Led Conferences (LLCs) on April 13 and 14. Please look for invitations from your learner’s facilitator. Conferences will be available in person and virtually. Below you will find some helpful information:

What to Expect at Learner-Led Conferences

A Learner-Led Conference offers your learner not only a real voice in the assessment of their learning, but it also offers learners practice in speaking to their strengths. This will prepare them for the real-life experience of talking to potential employers as they get older. This process is more of a performance than an evaluation; your learner will compile what they have been learning and review this process with you, the family member.

The first conference can be overwhelming and learners may be nervous. They will need support from you. Facilitators are at the conference for support only. All of the information about a learner’s work, progress, behavior, goals, and grades will come from the learner. If you would like to talk to a facilitator about specifics, there will be signup sheets to schedule a time with your learner’s advisor at a later date.

What is the Role of The Parent at an LLC?

Parents play an important supportive role in this process. The focus of the conference is on learning and growth, not simply a “show and tell” display of work. It is a time for families to “sit beside” their child, listen to and trust their child’s assessment of their own learning, and ask good questions.

Click here to read an Edutopia article about LLCs.

The sky is not the limit when our imaginations are unlimited!


Anne Wodetzki

CSA School Director

Cell Phone 219-255-8130

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