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We are so excited for your interest to join our Governing Board. Please fill out the Governing Board Application and Applicant Disclosure Statement below and submit it along with a recent resume. Our team will contact you regarding your interest in joining our Board.

Again, we are so excited for your willingness to help our learners and our team. Thank you!

1. Please write a brief biography outlining your experience with schools, community service experience, non-profit work, or employment experience, as it pertains to serving on a Charter School Board.
2. Why are you interested in our organization and why are you interested in serving as an appointed Charter School Board Member?
3. Please describe contributions that you feel you can make to this Charter School Board if chosen as a member.
4. Please describe your vision of community outreach for the Charter School Board.
5. What do you believe are the most critical issues facing schools today and how would you contribute as a school board member?
6. What is your expectation of the time requirements of School Board membership?


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