Flight Crew Spotlight: Mary Gispan

FUTURE FOCUS: What about working at Colorado SKIES Academy are you most excited? 

Being able to connect even more with my older son, Brady, who is an astrophysics major, in his junior year at CU Boulder. To be able to take his excitement about this school to heart, and share his outlook. My learners will have an opportunity to connect with him, and his experience and outlook as to where this school can direct the future.

In this position, Mary will develop and package PBL units in 7th/8th Social Studies, with an eye on connecting the big picture of the studies at the core, with the idea and eye on aviation and aerospace. She will also develop and engage in facilitating Theatre Arts with students seeking to learn and express themselves in the arts.

BACKGROUND: Mary has previous background and training in PBL through NEWTECH Network, which follows the same protocols and principles as what iLead is focused on. This allows her to see the path in redeveloping previous projects in the same core classes as before, but with an eye on making connections in text, self, and world, to the focus in air and aviation.

Through ongoing training and presentation at the national level, Mary and several previous colleagues created an introductory project for learners to experience the gist of what a full PBL experience is like, in both structures and purpose. This national presentation was given multiple times before audiences of fellow NTN facilitators, from around the world, and in and of itself, was a project that was appreciated and lauded for being so user-friendly and experiential.

EDUCATION: Mary has a wealth of background in her drive toward Social Studies. After majoring in Pre-Law in her undergraduate studies, she achieved her BA in History and Political Science. Growing up next door to a state supreme court judge will do that sometimes when you are raised in a state capitol!

Mary also holds a Masters Degree in Education, with an emphasis on Secondary Education, from the University of Phoenix, and conducted her practicum at The Denver School of the Arts.

PASSION: What is something that you are especially passionate about? 

I have a great passion for the arts. I grew up and continue to this day, studying and performing music, and had an extensive background in Theatre Arts, which granted me entre’ into the International Thespian Society at age 17. I continued acting throughout my undergrad studies, and am studying as well at Swallow Hill Music, picking up where my Minor in Music left off.

PERSONAL: What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I used to be the Walking and Modeling Coach of the Miss Montana Program, in Billings, Montana. I had competed at city and state levels, and after my competition years were over, I began working a few modeling jobs and was asked to take over the Walking and Modeling Coach position, when the state coach decided she was ready to go and do other things in her family time. I held the position for seven years until my family moved to Denver in 2000.

If you have any questions for Mary, or simply want to introduce yourself, don’t hesitate to send her an email at mary.gispan@coloradoskiesacademy.org

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