Facilitator Spotlights: Aubree, Jennifer, and Jason

Aubree Keys, Language Arts Facilitator

My name is Aubree Keys, and I’m a Facilitator at Colorado SKIES Academy. I provide guidance in the subject area of language arts to help learners develop the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills that will aid them now and in the future.

What is it about Colorado SKIES Academy that attracted me to pursue working there?

The innovative philosophy and project-based learning focus of Colorado SKIES Academy are appealing to me, and I’m excited to be a part of a brand new school as it opens its doors to learners with a particular interest in aerospace and aviation. I’ve taught middle school language arts for over a decade, as it’s my favorite age group and subject, so when CSA needed a Facilitator in this area, we seemed like the perfect fit for one another!

What would learners be surprised to know about me?

Learners might be surprised to find out that I love snowboarding, mountain biking, and camping all around Colorado. My husband and I also lived in Australia for two years before adopting our son from Kyrgyzstan and daughter from China!

Jennifer Pinnell, Math and Science Facilitator

My name is Jennifer Pinnell, and I am on the CSA team as a math and science facilitator. During the 2018-2019 school year, I taught Physics, Physical Science, Earth Science, Biology and Anatomy and Physiology for a Colorado public high school.

What is it about Colorado SKIES Academy that attracted me to pursue working there?

As a STEAM school, CSA is a natural fit for my background. I come from a non-traditional path to teaching, very much in the spirit of CSA and the way our school thinks outside the box. My degree is in Electrical Engineering, and I have worked as an engineer for Motorola Government Electronics Group, Martin Marietta on the Titan IV Rocket Navigation Software, and Tech Instrumentation designing temperature and humidity monitoring systems. I also spent 10 years as a software consultant and programmer, creating custom software for companies.

The vastness of space and the importance of our human family has always intrigued me.  It may have begun when I was 18 years old, and I traveled with an international singing group with students from fifteen different countries.  Our two-hour musical performance ended with a song called Moon Rider, with lyrics inspired by the words of astronaut Eugene Cernan, who I once met!  He describes looking back at the earth from space. To watch the video created to honor Captain Cernan and hear the song, click here.

What would learners be surprised to know about me?

Three things that may be surprising about me are:

  • I am a HAM Radio operator and hope to form an amateur radio club at CSA. We want to talk with astronauts at CSA! I volunteer with the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES DEC).
  • Even though I grew up in suburbia, we now live on a 20-acre nanofarm where I strive to grow vegetables and experiment with agricultural endeavors. We have had cows, goats, and chickens and currently have two horses and a dog.
  • When I was in middle school, I was a gymnast, ballerina, singer, and clarinet player, and there was no internet!

I am married and have four children, three of whom are grown. I am excited to meet learners and ask, “What is the next frontier you will explore this year at CSA?”

Jason Brockman, Social Sciences Facilitator

Jason Brockman has eight years of experience in social studies education. Brockman began teaching American History at Columbia College in Denver and continued his growth by working as an educational assistant at STEM Academy in Greenwood Village. He continued by instructing 8th-grade Humanities at Omar D Blair Charter School in Denver, and three years developing and instructing 6th, 8th, & Capstone at Parker Performing Art School.  His skill with learners was recognized by his Apple Award Nominations and designation as a School Representative. Brockman graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with an Honors BA in History and Political Science and earned his MA in History from Colorado State University. Using his knowledge of history, Jason worked for many years as an archivist for the State of Colorado, giving him access to a variety of primary sources he looks forward to sharing with your learner.  His background in sales, design, and marketing helps Jason elicit “buy-in” from your learners, and instruct them in presentations and speech skills. Jason looks forward to sharing his experience and enthusiasm with your child in this exciting new learning environment.

What is it about Colorado SKIES Academy that attracted me to pursue working there?

Working with learners who will be our nation’s international and interstellar ambassadors is an amazing honor. Facilitating them to connect to our collective historic humanity, honor our journey, and feel empathy for those who came before us. Most importantly, to instill and educate them in the responsibility to promote our essential civic virtues locally, abroad, and possibly on other planets.

What would learners be surprised to know about me?  

I have designed cowboy costumes and clothing for Miley Cyrus, Toby Keith, Vince Vaughn, Temple Grandin,  Pee-Wee Herman, Macklemore, television’s most famous space explorer William Shatner, and many others.

Colorado SKIES Academy
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