Chromebook Use (and Abuse)

We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of students who are making unacceptable choices regarding their use of technology at school. We’ve noticed a rise in the number of inappropriate Google searches, abusive/inflammatory language in emails, and a variety of ways to evade our school firewalls to access gaming and video sites. In keeping with our Family Guidebook policies around Chromebook use, we are requesting that every family review the written policies around technology use in the building and have a frank conversation with your learner(s) about what behavior is and is not acceptable. (The Technology & Electronics information begins on page 32 of the linked document; the Unacceptable Use details can be found on pages 35 – 37.)

Please note that we will be handling technology/Chromebook violations in a very strict manner from now until the end of the year. Students who choose to use their Chromebooks or other available technologies in an inappropriate way will receive consequences such as a temporary or permanent loss of Internet access privileges, temporary or permanent loss of Chromebook/computer use, and/or suspension from school. Students who use coding, the Google suite, or other websites to circumvent our firewalls and access blocked sites will be eligible for immediate suspension to ensure we can keep our network secure and our students safe.

Thank you for your assistance in training our learners to be responsible stewards of the technological resources provided for them by CSA! I’m confident that with all of us working together we will get these behaviors turned around quickly.

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