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Time is a fixed resource. Once spent, you can’t recover it; nor can you store it up for future use. Success is not determined by how much time you have, but by what you do with the time you have. Today is a gift; you will not get a second chance at it. Invest your time wisely. – Tim Kight Founder of Focus 3

You only have so much energy. The clock is ticking on all of us. Evolve Performance, started by Shane Cronin in 2007, is the company that powers SKIES Athletic Development. Evolve Performance is all about Performance Enhancement in every aspect of life, including human kinetics. With hard work and the right strategies, every person can go beyond what they thought possible. The world is competitive.

Athletics is one of the most direct competition-oriented pursuits one can undertake. Most coaches in Speed-Movement, Sports Performance, and Strength & Conditioning, structure their training by working backward from whatever point in time they want their athletes to peak. The truth is to optimize your performance every second the clock is ticking, knowing that every little thing counts. You chose to take your time and energy and direct it into what’s in front of you. Don’t let yourself down by not bringing attentiveness, hard work, and actions that reflect your dreams and goals. Choose carefully where you put your time and energy.

Understanding Training Specificity – run, react, and change direction fast to get faster, strength train, at high intensity, and train explosively to be explosive.

The specificity principle in fitness science states that one should train specifically for the adaptations they are trying to achieve. For us, this means that one way to get fast, react, and change direction fast is to run, react, and change direction fast. Relative to strength training, it means training at high intensity and explosively to get explosive.

Applying Training Specificity – We train fast and we train explosives, both in our Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) training, and Strength training. This means maximum quality efforts for each repetition and set when the focus is to shift the physiology to the far end of the speed-power to endurance spectrum. Oftentimes, this will mean employing full recovery of the body energy systems required for maximum output efforts.

Want to learn more about Evolve Performance? Here is the website for the program (under construction but still accessible for certain pages).

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