Hiring Process

Star Search

CSA is always on the lookout for high-quality applicants with a growth mindset and the ability to “think outside the box” when creating project-based experiences for learners. In Colorado, spring is the busiest hiring season, yet CSA always accepts applications throughout the school year for great additions to the CSA team.

Facilitators (Teachers)

After applying, the first step toward a full-time facilitator position is being invited to one of our Star Search hiring events held throughout the school year. Star Search is a full-day, interactive job interview involving multiple stakeholders (facilitators, learners, and parents/guardians). Typically, eight to ten candidates are invited to a Star Search event following the initial screening process.

The day’s focus:

  • Receive an orientation on our history, philosophy, and culture.
  • Mingle with staff.
  • Teach a 45-minute class appropriate to their content background. Following the lesson, learners (students) and staff complete feedback forms.
  • Informally interview learners and parents/guardians.

About the Star Search Process

During the Star Search, the candidate goes through a full-day process that includes teaching a lesson, learning more about Colorado SKIES Academy’s vision and philosophy, and being interviewed by a panel consisting of facilitators, learners, and parents/guardians. We ensure staff members are qualified based on background, training, and preparation. All facilitators are required to participate in a state-approved teacher preparation program. Sometimes, potential employees substitute in our schools to gain exposure to teaching in a project-based environment. Many employment opportunities arise from substitute experiences, student-teaching opportunities, and college internships.

We strive to ensure that a candidate’s educational philosophy and skills align with our instructional approach and mission. The Star Search process allows us to find the best fit for our learners and the CSA community.

Star Search General Schedule:

8:00 – 8:30 AM: Check-in and Coffee
Check-in and receive your schedule for the day. Share a cup of coffee or tea and mingle with CSA staff members, parents/guardians, and learners. Find out more about CSA in a relaxed, informal setting from the experts – our CSA community!

8:45 – 9:15 AM: Welcome and Introduction
The CSA administrative team shares videos and other information about Colorado SKIES’ history and vision for its learners. Each administrator will share their “why” for being a part of the CSA team. Candidates are able to learn firsthand the philosophy of CSA’s administrative team and how it connects to the mission and vision of project-based learning with an aerospace focus.

9:30 – 10:15 AM, 10:15 – 11:00 AM, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
Candidates Rotate Through 3 Phases

  1. Panel Interview: An interview panel consisting of a learner, a parent/guardian, and a facilitator ask purposeful questions prompting a conversation to give the candidate a broader perspective of what’s expected of an incoming employee.
  2. Demo Lesson Facilitation: The candidate is assigned to a class within their comfort zone to showcase their abilities to facilitate a lesson.
  3. Campus Tour: The candidates tour the campus, observing the unique design elements of the classrooms and getting a deeper, firsthand understanding of the Colorado SKIES Academy culture.

*Noon – 1:30 PM: Lunch for Learners and Parents
Lunch is provided for learners and parents/guardians who participated in the Star Search, either as observers or interview panelists. During lunch, they complete their feedback and provide any additional comments to CSA about prospective candidates.

1:30 – 2:00 PM: Introduction to Project-Based and Deeper Learning
Incorporating videos, the CEOs explain in detail the importance of the Maker Learning Network teaching philosophy.

2:00 – 3:45 PM: Project Creation/Design
Each group (formed from the previous rotations) will be assigned a mentor facilitator who will guide them through the process of creating their own project ideas. These ideas will revolve around their individual expertise (credentials) and show how the project will flow from start to finish.

3:45 – 4:30 PM: Project Share-Out
Each group will share with all staff their project creation and field questions on the process of developing their project.

4:15 – 4:30 PM: Candidate Survey
Candidates are given a survey to provide feedback on how effective the morning has been and whether they feel Colorado SKIES Academy is a good fit for them.

4:30 – 5:00 PM: Debrief
Led by CSA leadership, a roundtable of staff who have participated throughout the day engage in a rich discussion, with feedback from learners and parents/guardians regarding whether certain candidates are a good fit.