Homework Policy

Updated November 2019

As a school that utilizes the project-based learning model, Colorado SKIES Academy makes every effort to provide students with ample time to complete their work in class, so that they do not have any homework. We encourage homework to be self-driven, where students WANT to do some additional research on a particular topic because they want to know more. We strive to create inquiring minds, ready and willing to ask questions and seek out the answers to those questions, to create truly lifelong learners. We take every opportunity to prepare our students for high school and careers and use classwork, homework, and make-up work as a time for students to learn and practice time management, personal responsibility, and self-advocacy.

If a student is absent, we expect students to assume personal responsibility and to follow these steps the day they return to class:

  • Access Google Classroom where class assignments and any handouts are available for the class time missed.
  • Access PowerSchool to see when the assignment is due and/or if the assignment was turned in at the end of class.
  • Discuss with the facilitator the scope of missing work and:
    • Establish the due date, providing a minimum of two (2) days to complete the assignment for every day absent.
    • Discuss next steps so the student can stay current with the class.
    • Identify any work time in class the student can use to make up assignments. (Note: Class work time to make-up missed work is not guaranteed.) The rest of the missing work will need to be completed at home in order to catch up with the rest of the class. We appreciate parent support when missed classwork needs to be completed at home.
  • If a parent has any questions about what is missing, we ask parents to have their student email the facilitator, and copy the parents, for further details about what work is missing. This helps students build necessary communication skills, self-advocacy, and personal responsibility with parent support.

Absence/Make-Up Policy

Updated November 2019

For every day a student is absent, the student will have a minimum of two (2) days to make up missing work. Facilitators use Google Classroom to post classwork, handouts, and assignments and students turn in much of their work in Google Classroom. PowerSchool, our student information system, documents graded assignments and missing assignments also. Colorado SKIES Academy provides time and opportunity for students to demonstrate mastery by completing missed assignments and/or resubmitting low scoring assignments. All make-up work and/or resubmitted work must be turned in on or before the Monday of the last week of each quarter. This allows adequate time for grading student work.

Access to students’ Google Classroom (with “read only” permission) can be provided to parents/guardians by sending an email request to the facilitator. Facilitator email addresses can be found in the “Contact Info” tab within each facilitator’s weekly newsletter.