Message from Zach Vine, Director of Staff and Learner Programs - Colorado Skies Academy

Message from Zach Vine, Director of Staff and Learner Programs

Dear Colorado SKIES Academy Parents and Supporters,

Colorado SKIES Academy is committed to providing all learners with experiences that will ready them for advanced high school and post-secondary education, as well as careers in the aerospace and aviation industries. Throughout the school year, our expert facilitators will employ a teaching method known as project-based learning (PBL) to accomplish this goal. PBL allows learners to gain knowledge and skills by working on in-depth projects to investigate complex questions, problems, and challenges, rather than skimming the surface of a topic and then moving on to the next one. From drones and rocketry, to weather balloons and microgravity research, in this dynamic process learners are expected to do much more than memorize and recall facts. CSA facilitators will take learners on a deep dive into authentic, real-world issues in the realm of aerospace and aviation. Collaboration, scientific inquiry, problem-solving, and critical thinking are the hallmarks of our approach to project-based learning.

Meaningful PBL at Colorado SKIES Academy will also bring learners outside the classroom to conduct research and work in the field. Authentic fieldwork allows learners to visit and interact with adults, businesses, and organizations in our nation’s second-largest aerospace economy. We also want to draw from the wealth of knowledge and strength of our local school community, and so we invite you to reach out and get involved if there’s a way you can help to advance our mission. All of these aerospace and aviation-themed PBL experiences will motivate, engage and inspire our learners to find meaning in their education, to achieve at the highest level possible, and to develop future career interests in STEAM fields.

If you have any questions about project-based learning or the CSA curriculum, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I look forward to meeting you soon.

Warm Regards,

Zach Vine
Director of Staff and Learner Programs
Colorado SKIES Academy

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