Message from the Director - Colorado Skies Academy

Message from the Director

Dear Colorado SKIES Academy Families and Friends,

Words cannot adequately express how important the warm wishes, friendly waves, happy smiles, and contributions of time and energy have been as we moved into our modulars! Yes, we are IN! We had full-on classes on Friday — Blue Skies Friday schedule! Thank you to each and every one of you who has helped, is helping, or will be helping with projects or contributions! We couldn’t do this without the support of our Colorado SKIES community!

Next week begins our 6-week projects:

  • Grade 6 – High Altitude Balloon Project
  • Grade 7 – Microgravity in Space Project
  • Grade 8 – Soar Up! Project

Two exciting additions to our curriculum now that we are in our facility are (1) access in the next two weeks to start training in the flight simulators (all grade levels) to begin to explore the option of flight and/or some aspect of the aviation and aerospace industries. Secondly, all 8th grade learners will have the option to fly in a glider on September 27th or October 4th. This will be followed by a special scholarship opportunity to apply for a scholarship to complete your full flight training and solo this spring! Learners can be licensed glider pilots this spring at the age of 14! Are you one of them? More details to come!

Please know that we are better equipped to allow all learners to be picked up at any time now that we are in the modulars. It really ran smoothly on Thursday! So, rather than arrive and then wait until your established time, please just join in the line to pick up your learner (or group of learners for your carpool). Do not delay! Just join in!

Our entire staff at Colorado SKIES Academy is looking forward to seeing all of you at our version of Back to School Night – Wingman for a Day, this Tuesday, Sept. 10th. At 6 p.m., join your aviator/aviatrix as the wingman and see what a day in the squadron is like. The evening will start with acknowledgement of the contributions of Maj. Gen. (ret.) John Barry, who had the vision for Colorado SKIES Academy. Then, we will all transition to the modulars for a ribbon cutting ceremony. Hooray! We are here! Then, you will receive brief information from each facilitator in a 5-10 minute presentation. This will be based on the adjusted schedule due to the departure of Mr. McDonald. You will have immediate information about your learner’s schedule due to the change. As your learner’s wingman, stick close to your lead pilot and everything will be fine. The evening concludes at 7:30 p.m. See you then!

Kindest regards,

Suzanne Acheson
School Director

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