All learners will have the option to take any of these electives, as they are all offered at the same time. This allows for more choice and flexibility for learners and facilitators.
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Jason Brockman

Aviation Ground School takes you through Basic Ground School instruction, the classroom learning required of every pilot. Learn how to become a pilot, plan your own flight mission, and fly your planned mission on flight simulators. Prerequisite: Attend Young Eagles on a Saturday once Wings Over the Rockies Exploration of Flight is reopened. Preference given to older learners because they have less time at CSA to access this course.

Jennifer Pinnell

Logic and problem-solving are just two of the ways you will stretch your brain as you explore the art and the science of computer science. and various types of coding.

Mary Gispan
Interested in putting yourself in someone else’s shoes? Join me in exploring drama! Expand your imagination and creativity in the ultimate process of “pretend and role-play.” Learn about and experience the fun and challenge around various aspects of acting, self-confidence, a bit of history around theatre arts, and the natural connections to taking the stage!

Brian Hostetler

Leonardo da Vinci was an amazing artist, but did you know he was also an engineer, draftsman, inventor, musician, set designer, city planner, armorer, and all around Renaissance man? In this elective, we will explore a few of those incredible traits to find the “Leonardo” in all of us, creating art, schematics, inventions, and more.

Aubree Keys

We live in a fast-paced world, especially with all of our electronic devices. Take a break from the screens and learn to focus on the present moment and reduce stress by studying mindfulness and its benefits. Working on gratefulness, kindness, and self-compassion, along with practicing breathing exercises, journaling, yoga, walking meditations, observation skills, and art experiences will all be a part of this elective. Music is a great tool for mindfulness, and you will also learn to read basic notes and rhythms and play some simple songs on a keyboard. We’ll prepare for a little performance to show off your new skills at the end of the semester!

Holly Pierce & Lucy Howlett – 2 classes of PE

This class will get you moving and having fun. Numerous team sports, games, and activities will be done throughout the year, including kickball, soccer, frisbee, four-square, nine-square and more. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Rose Been

Words: You use them all the time. You explain with them, you persuade with them, and you analyze with them. Now let’s play with them! In this elective, we’ll explore a wide variety of word games, from Scattergories to Pictionary to some language games you’ve probably never even heard of before. Some are games that are easy to teach your family and friends. Just let them know that if they pop the popcorn, you’ll provide the fun! We’ll even get the chance to build our own versions of some of these language-based games.

Elizabeth Bailey

The ability to move fluidly, stretch those hardworking limbs after a morning of classes, and refocus your thinking are all part of the Yoga and Movement class. Ms. Bailey is a certified yoga instructor who will put you through your paces, either through aerobic yoga or meditative yoga, depending on what the day brings.


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