DreamUp to Space

Launch Team members will work together to prepare an experiment that will be run by astronauts on the International Space Station in May 2022.


Team members will collaborate with facilitators, mentors, and industry leaders at each stage, which includes promoting their mission by creating videos and writing blogs. Fundraising for experiment-related expenses as well as the opportunity to travel to Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where they will present their experiment and watch it blast to space!

Click here to learn more about the experiment:
What is the Effect of Microgravity on Activated Charcoal?

For more information, please contact 8th grade science facilitator, Ms. Lucy at lucy.howlett@coloradoskiesacademy.org

To learn more about The DreamUp to Space Project, please visit https://ileadaerospace.org/dream-up-to-space/mission-2021/.