Social-Emotional Learning

At Colorado SKIES Academy, we maintain a unique emphasis on using methods that foster our learners’ social-emotional development and personal strengths. We are committed to ensuring our students learn to lead, be self-directed, and develop their emotional IQ in a way that inspires creativity and engagement in their coursework. We believe it’s vital to help learners develop skills such as social awareness, self-management, regulation of emotions, and self-awareness early so they can begin to weave these abilities through every facet of their lives.

As an integral part of our approach to teaching, implementation and evaluation of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) principles is inseparable from our project-based learning model, which requires learners to research, collaborate, and carefully weigh information and evidence in a nuanced problem-solving context and teaches them to accept feedback, create solutions, and present their findings in a high-performance context.

To accomplish this vital mission, we measure and report SEL progress as part of every project, individualized learning plan goal, and Report of Progress. We have also developed SEL and Academic Rigor rubrics that add a well-balanced approach to academics and reflective practice for facilitators, learners, parents, and administrators.

Other elements of our SEL implementation, practice, and assessment include:

  • Learner Led Conferences (LLCs)
  • Presentations of Learning (POLs)
  • Passion Projects
  • Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs)
  • Advisory Program
  • Learner-driven ambassador groups
  • Morning meetings
  • Restorative approaches to discipline