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Jennifer Bailey, Ph.D.


Jennifer Bailey is a Philosophy PhD and adjunct professor with over twenty years experience teaching in Logic and Ethics. Her teaching experience includes nearly a decade spent in the homeschooling of her own children.

Dr. Bailey has served as a subject matter expert as well as built courses in Critical Thinking and Logic from the ground up. Jennifer approaches the teaching of Critical Thinking as the development of key skills and emphasizes the active and engaged role of learners in the development of those skills. Her years spent teaching Ethics fostered an appreciation for the value of character development and education in any learning environment.

Jennifer’s experience homeschooling her own children helped expand her educational experience into the k-12 arena. Her homeschooling experience includes elementary, middle, and high school. Jennifer chose to employ a combination of traditional educational methods along with project based learning and found the project based learning model to be successful in learning outcomes, in fostering curiosity and responsibility, and in growing a love of learning.

Dr. Bailey has a solid understanding of the skill sets needed for success in both high school and college settings and believes that the foundations and habits needed for such success are developed in middle school. She is looking forward to serving the CSA community and contributing to its meeting the highest of academic standards.

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