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Amy Stocki


Amy Stocki has been an active member of the aviation community for over 25 years. She left the professional side of the industry as an airline captain in 2011 to focus on raising her children. Prior to the airlines, Mrs. Stocki held several aviation jobs including corporate flying, flight instruction, flying skydivers, and low-level survey work. She originally learned to fly in Western Montana and currently enjoys flying her Cessna 182 here in Colorado, and back to the Montana mountains whenever she gets the chance.

Though Mrs. Stocki has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Science, with a minor in Communication Studies from Rocky Mountain College, she has never considered her education complete and continues to learn through industry related courses and events. Also, when her children were younger, she was so impressed with the learning model of their Montessori education, that she went back to school to get a Montessori teaching certificate, and worked for several years in their school, often bringing aviation themed curriculum to the lives of her students.

Mrs. Stocki has volunteered with many youth-related organizations such as the Young Eagles program, Girls In Aviation, and Expanding Your Horizons. Most recently she has joined with Dog Is My Co-Pilot, a company that flies rescue animals from shelters where they will be euthanized to their forever homes.

As Mrs. Stocki puts it, “CSA is a perfect blend of my passion for aviation and quality youth education, and I look forward to serving this community in any way that I can.”

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