iLEAD Schools Network

Colorado SKIES Academy is partnered with iLEAD Schools, a TK-12 charter schools organization based in Southern California’s Santa Clarita Valley.

With a focus on project-based learning, the iLEAD model embodies five key pillars:

  • International:Learning foreign languages and cultures makes our learners compassionate, open-minded world citizens.
  • Leadership: Practicing leadership from a young age prepares our learners for a lifetime of listening, collaborating, inspiring — leading.
  • Entrepreneurial Development: Encouraging learners to work in teams, take risks and learn from failure nurtures the ability to innovate and ignites their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Arts: Creating and exploring the world through the artistic experience enhances all subject areas for our learners.
  • Design Thinking: Participating in project-based learning leads to more meaningful experiences and a deeper understanding for our learners.

In 2008, Amber Raskin was looking for something different. Nine years earlier, she had left a job as a Hollywood television producer to raise her children in the Santa Clarita Valley, lured to the suburb north of Los Angeles by its reputation for high-performing schools. But after a few years, she realized her children were craving a more authentic, unique experience. She began homeschooling them, and they quickly flourished in a more organic environment. But she still wanted more.

Amber observed that the traditional school system was not preparing children for the 21st century workplace, and she wanted her children to have unique opportunities to flourish academically, socially, and emotionally. Amber had traveled the world, often with kids in tow, and was working hard to bring an international perspective to her family. She decided to create a charter school that would value the whole child and prepare learners to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and well-adapted global citizens who ultimately grow into self-sufficient entrepreneurs and leader.

SCVi opened in 2008, and since then iLEAD has successfully launched several other school sites in California, the Midwest, and Kaua’i. The iLEAD approach enables families and educators the flexibility to collaborate and work together to create viable solutions in all kinds of education, ranging from full independent study to full classroom-based options, and everything in between.

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