Mission, Vision, & Core Beliefs


The vision of Colorado SKIES Academy (CSA) is to be a charter school for middle school learners dedicated to aerospace career exploration and preparation in the Rocky Mountain region. CSA will focus on providing all learners with the opportunity to explore, develop, and achieve their dreams in aerospace science.


The mission of Colorado SKIES Academy is to provide a high quality educational program that will prepare young people for advanced education and careers in the aviation and aerospace industries. Our mission will be achieved by providing a high quality STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Design, and Mathematics) middle school education through rigorous PBL (Project-Based Learning) methodology.

Core Beliefs

Each learner is a unique individual with personal, social, and educational needs. As a result, every disciplinary situation is unique in nature. Consequences for misbehavior provide the best learning value when matched to the unique learner and the unique situation. The odds for children learning from their mistakes increase dramatically when they see a reasonable connection between their behaviors and the resulting consequences. Colorado SKIES Academy staff dedicates itself to the following core beliefs.

These core beliefs guide our attempts to individualize disciplinary procedures and to help learners see reasonable connections between their behavior and the resulting consequences. Members of the Colorado SKIES community embrace these core beliefs as part of their involvement at Colorado SKIES Academy. Since these core beliefs provide the guiding light for our professional decisions, the staff encourages parents to bring concerns and questions to us in the event that we operate in ways that appear to be inconsistent with these core beliefs.

  • I believe every attempt should be made to maintain the dignity of both the adult and the learner.
  • I believe that learners should be guided and expected to solve the problems they create without making problems for anyone else.
  • I believe that learners should be given the opportunity to make decisions and live with the results, whether the consequences are good or bad.
  • I believe that learners should have the opportunity to tell their side of the story (due process hearing) when consequences appear to be unfair.
  • I believe that misbehavior should be viewed as an opportunity for individual problem-solving and preparation for the real world as opposed to a personal attack on the school or staff.
  • I believe that it is best if a learner does most of the thinking. I believe that there should be a logical connection between misbehavior and resulting consequences.