A Message from the Director - Colorado SKIES Academy

A Message from the Director

Dear CSA Community,

Congratulations to our first graduating class at Colorado SKIES Academy! It was a beautiful day when we could all come together and honor our learners and their families! New traditions were created, and I sincerely thank everyone who was able to attend.

With the end of one year, we already are beginning to look to the next school year. Unlike any other year, it seems to be fraught with a multitude of questions and concerns. We have been continuing to work on and refine our plans for the coming year. Last Friday, Gov. Polis spoke to various charter schools across the state in a Town Hall meeting sponsored by the Colorado League of Charter Schools, of which Colorado SKIES Academy is a member. In that Town Hall, the governor shared his hopes for what the start of the school year would look like. To access  the Chalkbeat article from June 3 about the Town Hall meeting, click here.

Our most preferred plan to start the school year is outlined here. Please note that it may need to be amended based on mandates from the state or other governing agencies. But, if all goes well, we hope to start school with this plan. The new building is on schedule for completion and opening sometime during the week of September 7. We would start school virtually on Monday, August 17, the first day of school. Our facilitators are taking summer courses that outline best practices in online instruction and learner engagement. CSA endeavors to make our already successful online learning platform even better. For the first three weeks, learners will be engaged in regular classes with activities, assignments, group interaction, and required attendance. Three weeks later, when the building is complete, we will transition all classes to in-person in our new home. Given Gov. Polis’s remarks about class sizes, CSA is well poised for all of its learners to be at school every day. For our newest families, CSA’s learner-to-facilitator ratio is defined by the board at 25:1.

I know that there will be some families who will be concerned about their learner attending school in person until certain benchmarks are met. We will plan to accommodate all our families, providing the option to continue online learning once we are in our building.   

I continue to be optimistic about the future yet realistic in our continued assessment of our plans for the first day of school. Please continue to read the Monday Message for updates as well as making sure that you are receiving the SchoolMint messages through the month of June. As time passes, I will keep you apprised of our status.

Warm regards,

Suzanne Acheson
School Director

REMINDER: If you want to enroll, please complete the open enrollment here. If you have any questions, please email Bri Jones or call 720-400-7612. Join our Tuesday Virtual Tour to learn more about the school by signing up on the CSA website. CSA may just open the doors to an amazing opportunity for learning perfect for your son or daughter! If you don’t believe me, check out our Facebook page!

Colorado SKIES Academy

Colorado SKIES Academy

Colorado SKIES Academy is a free public charter school authorized by the Cherry Creek School District, open to students throughout the Arapahoe County and Douglas County areas. This STEAM middle school serving grades 6-8 is located at Centennial Airport next to Wings Over the Rockies Exploration of Flight.
Colorado SKIES Academy

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