A Message from the Director - Colorado Skies Academy

A Message from the Director

Hello, Colorado SKIES Academy Community!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4 – 8), a time to celebrate our AMAZING CSA facilitators (teachers)! This includes our Care Team and health care team members. You should have already received information about the end of the year, either via email, SchoolMint, or looking at the website. So this week’s Monday Message focus is where it should be — on those who work with our learners each and every day. Each of your learners has received personal attention, encouragement, connection, support, a push, a challenge, excitement, or enrichment opportunities. This is what those who work with our learners do every day; this is what is in their DNA. Indulge me as I share and celebrate each person who works with your son or daughter:

  • Jason Brockman: His zeal for history infects his learners. He diligently researches and learns the most he can about a subject in order to plan his lessons. No detail is left unturned, and he searches out whatever is needed to bring a historical experience to his learners. His love for history is palpable!
  • Ann Coney: She is our long-term sub and, prior to accepting this assignment, shared her love for CSA and CSA learners. She wanted to sub nowhere else. Ann is a science and math aficionado and diligently works to create relationships with learners. She knows how to share a “love of the sciences” that’s relatable to each learner.
  • Michelle Flynn: She is our CCSD English Language Acquisition Specialist, and she helps all learners. She believes in everything CSA and in the success of each and every learner. 
  • Mary Gispan: Ms. Gispan can easily be an unsung hero, yet her connection with learners makes that impossible. She creates valuable relationships with her learners in her social studies classes while also encouraging the artistic side of every learner by offering a guitar lunch club.
  • Aubree Keys: Ms. Keys makes no bones about the fact that she loves working with the younger CSA learners. She enjoys creating challenging and achievable goals for her learners in a new and fun way. Remember the poetry “March Madness” sports grid?
  • Zach Leins: A totally devoted science guy, Mr. Leins would like nothing more than to have every one of his learners become a “science guy.” He challenges his learners to be as inquisitive as he is each and every day.
  • Jennifer Motley: Her heart is where her learners are. Ms. Jenn is an ever-present support to all of our learners. She works each day with everyone, and her goal is to be sure she connects with each and every learner at CSA.
  • Meredith Motley: Mrs. Motley is our Special Education Case Manager who is assigned to us from CCSD.  She is a former member of Civil Air Patrol and totally relates to our aerospace project-based learning model. She co-teaches many classes and is there for all learners.
  • Cindy Orenstein: Ms. O has had the opportunity to connect with all our early arrivals (before COVID-19), as she was in the Flight Deck at 7:00 a.m. each day. She never expected to love a job as much as she loves what she does at CSA. She thrives on the daily connections with all our learners, especially those who she has the pleasure to support on a daily basis.
  • Sarah Phillips: Ms. Sarah is our very own “Florence Nightingale.” She provides health and medical support under the guidance of our nurse consultant. Her care of our learners is not just health-related, but she also supports them in the classroom. Her devotion to our learners is amazing!
  • Holly Pierce: Our Exploratory facilitator, Mrs. Pierce, touches the learning and the life of every learner at CSA. She is the “key connector” of what CSA is all about — exploration, discovery, inquiry, and challenge.  Mrs. Pierce connects and challenges each and every learner with her passion for “What if…?”
  • Jennifer Pinnell: Ms. Pinnell diligently pursues the balance between automaticity with mathematical inquiry. She ardently pursues connection with all learners so they can achieve their true mathematical potential. She has a “heart for kids” and knows her math! (She’s an electrical engineer.)  
  • Rachel Sohns: Ms. Sohns brings a passion for education that she wears on her sleeve. She loves teaching, and she works diligently at her craft.  Her quest for literary connections is evident in all she does.

We have a truly dynamic crew of facilitators and support personnel for your learners who are present for them every day. I am privileged to work with each of them. It is not easy to do what they do. In our current online COVID-19-influenced environment, many of you have had a glimpse of what they do by choice. For them, it’s a simple choice…it’s their calling.  

Also, it is not easy to be in a first-year start-up school. Each facilitator/Care Team member greets each day with grit and determination that they will do the very best for your learner.  

Please join with me in celebrating the amazing facilitators/Care Team members we are blessed to have at Colorado SKIES Academy…WE LOVE YOU!

Warm regards,

Suzanne Acheson
School Director

P.S. We need testimonials. Please consider taking a video of your learner sharing a sentence or two about why CSA online learning is working, or what they are enjoying about the Shark Tank CSA project. Please consider talking about how smooth the transition to online learning was for you as a parent. Send to  info@ColoradoSkiesAcademy.org.

REMINDER: If you want to enroll, please complete the open enrollment here. If you have any questions, please email Bri Jones or call 720-400-7612. A tour and/or a shadow for  your son or daughter may just open the doors to an amazing opportunity for learning! If you don’t believe me, check out our Facebook page!

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